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SURF Albums.

Choose an album at the location then date you surfed, grab a brew and have a browse...

When I jump in the water

Please note: I try to upload the images the same day of capturing but this cannot always be guaranteed. I follow GDPR policies but if you are not happy for me to show your image in any albums, let me know and I will delete them straight away. 

As a professional surf photographer, I am available to shoot anywhere in North Wales or given the budget I would happily travel across the UK and Ireland. With 12 years experience photographing surfers in both the ocean and 4 years in wavepools can capture really unique shots. I love getting up close to the action. 

I am equipped with an underwater housing for my pro camera so can capture Hi Res imagery with you in the water. I also have a drone and can shoot land based. 

I'm also available to for surf photography at Adventure Parc Snowdonia. If you have a session booked and want photos, drop me a line. Please see below examples of the types of imagery I can capture in the water. 

North Wales - Nation Wide

Personal Surf Shoots

Let me jump in the ocean and capture your waves. In-water photoshoots available with me.
I love getting up close in the action... Game for big swells too.
Please get in touch if you or a mate would be interested in a 1-2-1 photoshoot. or Instagram @stewmackellarphoto

I will get back to you with how much this will cost. It all depends on location and how long for. Open having a chat about anything you are thinking you want. 

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