About Me

Hello and welcome to Stewart MacKellar Photography. You can keep updated on the happenings, adventures and life as a freelance photographer based in the UK. 

A bit about Stewart's background he was raised in Wales/England along the North Welsh boarder from a Scottish family so traveling was destined to be in his blood. The draw to the outdoors was always a huge aspect of his life growing up. At home in a skatepark, on a bike trail or Snowboarding the Scottish Highlands he found a sanction pushing his limits. He completed a graphic design degree in Cardiff where he bought his first DSLR camera. As well as this Stewart found the surf scene. His love for photographing grew from capturing the his adventures and this steadily became a passion that grew from there. Stewart's influenced by landscapes, surf, nature, great people, heritage, history, design, art and architecture to name a few. He draws on these through his photographic journey. 

Stewart brings his love and experience of the outdoors and adventure industry to create high impacting, aspirational and technically sound photography. Working in ever-changing environments he provides high quality imagery for marketing, promotional and display purposes. Coupled with this, he shoots exterior/interior spaces for commercial and residential purposes, enhancing the spaces and environment they're situated in.

Stewart uses his years of experience and trained eye to capture moments often missed. Working with small to large scale businesses from agriculture, construction and sustainable living to surfing, hiking and snowboarding. He helps to build more viewers/customers, creates value and quality to any business and contributes to healthier working environments.

With a friendly and relaxed approach Stewart makes sure that his customers are left with no stone unturned when delivering a project, so the opportunities are maximised to get a great outcome.

Please don’t hesitate to give Stewart a shout at 

Many thanks and keep exploring...